Best Ways To Fix Your Golf Slice

Hitting a golf slice is flat-out annoying. Sadly, it accounts for 99% of the misses for amateur golfers and is typically caused by an open club face or an out-to-in swing path, where the club head slices away from the ball from an over-the-top golf swing. Fortunately, there are many solutions to fix a golf … Read more

The Perfect Golf Swing Plane Made Easy

Are you sure you’re hitting the ball correctly? Chances are if you don’t even know what a golf swing plane is, you’re not. The golf swing plane is one of the most underrated components of a golf swing. For some reason, most golfer’s get turned off when they hear about the swing plane. But, swinging … Read more

Understanding Your Golf Club Distances

Great golfers are well aware of their limitations and capabilities at the golf course, be it their usual tendencies in difficult situations or the type of shots they can create. Chances are, you don’t really know how far you can hit with each club. That’s nothing new, most golfers think they know how far they … Read more

The Perfect Golf Swing Sequence

The golf swing consists of rather complicated sets of movements. If you are new to golf, don’t be overwhelmed if your swing just doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Chances are, they’ve been practicing for years or started playing at a young age. The truth is, you too can learn a great golf swing! After several … Read more