Correct Golf Stance for Drivers, Irons, and Wedges


The proper golf stance for each golf club is a combination of the width of your stance, the amount of knee bend, the angle of your shoulders to the target, and weight distribution.

The Golf Setup: A Detailed & Visual Guide

the golf setup

Developing a proper, structured golf setup and stance will help you achieve your lowest scores to date.  How could we know that? By specifically focusing on building our setup in the most repeatable way possible I’ve lowered my handicap significantly, seen more stable and predictable scoring results, and feel exponentially less stress on the course, … Read more

Shoulder Tilt With The Driver EXPLAINED 


Discover the pivotal role of shoulder tilt in hitting the driver and witness noticeable differences in your game.

Correct Hand Position At Address in Golf

Hand Position At Address in Golf

The correct hand position at address depends on the golf club you use. Generally, the longer the club, the further your hands are from your body which reduces mobility and improves consistency.

The Perfect Golf Posture


To determine if you’ve got the perfect golf posture, check that your Armpits over knees, knees over balls of feet, arms comfortably underneath or slightly in front of shoulders, slight rounding of upper back, flat lower back (avoid arching), and butt-end (handle) of golf grip pointing at waistline.

How Far to Stand from the Golf Ball


How far to stand from the golf ball is different for every golf club you use. Generally, the longer the club the further you stand, but what matters is how far forward your arms should be from your body.

Best Golf Set-Up Drills: Golf Made Easy


The best set-up drills in golf improve your golf posture throughout the entirety of your swing. Our favorite part about these drills is that you can practice each one of them indoors, so rain, cold, or any other obstacle can’t stop you from getting better!

Club Face Positioning During the Setup: Golf Explained

club face positioning at the golf setup

The club face should be positioned square to the target and flush to the ground. Doing so maximizes your ability to hit at the center of your face.

Golf Ball Position Chart For Beginners


The correct golf ball position is crucial for hitting each golf club correctly. It is important to understand how close the ball should be from you and how far from center you should position the ball for each golf shot.

Golf Alignment 101: Everything Explained

featrued- golf alignment 101

The perfect golf alignment focuses on the feet, hips, and shoulders. Unfortunately, alignment is the part of the golf swing most of us don’t know we’re doing wrong.