Best Irons for 15 Handicap Golfers

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Here are the 9 Best Irons for 15 Handicap Golfers. 

With every major golf equipment manufacturer offering multiple iron models that promise to make your performance better, finding the perfect irons for your game as a 15handicap golfer can feel like an overwhelming process

Thankfully for you, as a former mid handicapper that’s now playing near-Scratch, I feel I can apply my decades of club testing experience to help you find what’ll take your golf game to the next level as I did mine! 

Our top pick for the best irons for 15 handicap golfers is the Cobra AeroJets for their effortless distance, height, control, and confidence-inspiring look.

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In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best irons for 15 handicap golfers right now:

  1. Cobra AeroJet Irons (Top Pick: Distance Irons for 15 Handicaps)
  2. Titleist 620 CB Irons (“Players Looking” Cavity Back Irons) 
  3. Srixon ZX4 Mk II Irons (Most Forgiving Srixon Irons) 
  4. Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Irons (Great for Mid Handicap That’s Getting Better) 
  5. Takomo Golf 201 Irons (Affordable Custom Irons for Mid Handicap-Scratch Golfer)
  6. PING i525 Irons (PING’s Game Improvement Compact Iron)
  7. TaylorMade P7MC Irons (Great Set for Good Iron Players)
  8. XXIO X Irons (Lightweight Irons for Fast-Swinging Mid Handicaps)
  9. PXG 0311 Gen 6 Irons (Beautiful, Premium 15 Handicap Irons)

9 Best Irons for 15 Handicap Golfers

While it might sound cliche, no two 15-handicap golfers will need exactly the same benefits from purchasing a new set of irons. 
For this very reason, we were sure to include iron selections that cater toward morecontrol, height, accuracy, workability, and overall feeling at impact to make sure every mid handicap has an iron option that excites them!

1. Cobra AeroJet Irons (Top Pick: Distance Irons for 15 Handicaps)

  • Truly effortless distance irons
  • Sounds clean and crisp at impact thanks to new inserts and face design
  • Thick enough to look forgiving without “game improvement” look
  • Medium-large club head creates easy solid contact
  • Two shaft options based on ball flight and individual strength
  • Lofts are quite enhanced, making a PW a true 9-8 iron.

Cobra calls their new AeroJet irons “our most technologically advanced iron to-date,” and we strongly believe they’ll help every 15 handicap have more effortless distance and height to attack more greens with confidence.

Sitting just behind the club face is the new “PWR-BRIDGE Weighting” that uses a soft polymer filler to hold this weight for a better feel, sound, and 10% more face flexion for an added distance boost.

A forged “PWRSHELL” club face insert creates more flexibility in a greater area of the face for faster ball speeds and a higher launch on good shots and bad, while “H.O.T Face Technology” uses AI to create a variable thickness club face for controllable spin and ample speed. 

Key Features:

  • Cobras “most technologically advanced iron”
  • Designed for more distance, height, and control
  • Available with Arccos Smart Sensors for free
  • Available in two sets (4-PW) or (4-Gap Wedge)


  • KBS Tour Lite (Steel)
  • KBS PGI 85/75/65 (Graphite)

2. Titleist 620 CB Irons (“Players Looking” Cavity Back Irons) 

  • Arguably best appearance and “bag appeal” of every option on our list
  • Tour player influenced sole design for easier turf interaction
  • Trusted, older club head design with modern improvements
  • Tons of shaft options making a custom fitting valuable 
  • Fully forged irons feel amazing at impact
  • Unconfident ball strikers might not like the smaller scoring irons (PW-8)

The revamped “Classic Cavity-inspired” Titleist 620 CB irons are one of our top picks for golfers that are looking to break out of the mid handicapper category and shoot lower scores. 

Inspired by their famous small cavity back generations of earlier irons, Titleist took amateur and PGA Tour player influences to make the 620 CBs look, feel, and perform incredibly well.

Starting with the “player influence”, Titleist reduced the offset (angle between the hosel and club face), thinned down the topline to inspire players to make cleaner contact, and reshaped the sole to allow for better turf interaction on all types of golf course conditions. 

The blade length of the 620 CBs gets progressively longer as the irons get longer, meaning easier-to-hit mid and long irons, and the 3- and 4-iron in the set have Tungsten weighting to aid launch and forgiveness. 

Key Features:

  • Progressively longer blade length for optimized play and comfort throughout set 
  • “Players Look” with added forgiveness
  • Tungsten infused long irons for improved balance and forgiveness


  • True Temper AMT Tour White, Black, Red (Steel)
  • True Temper Project X (Steel)
  • True Temper Project X LZ (Steel)
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV White AM2, Blue AM2, Red AM2 (Graphite) 

3. Srixon ZX4 Mk II Irons (Most Forgiving Srixon Irons)

The Srixon ZX4 Mk II irons are Srixons most forgiving and distance-focused clubs they’ve ever created. 

Behind the irons sleek appearance sits a premium forged face, a narrow topline, the most offset and the longest club head length from any Srixon iron to ultimately inspire confidence in every 15 handicapper. 

MainFrame Technology” is how Srixon describes the variable thickness pattern on the backside of the ZX4 Mk II irons. This technology repositions mass away from the face in the toe and sole for faster ball speeds and more consistency and forgiveness at the same time. 

The famous “Tour V.T. Sole” prevents digging into the turf, and progressive grooves let players know they can strike every iron with the utmost confidence their shot will have appropriate spin.

Key Features: 

  • Designed for “maximum forgiveness plus powerful distance.” 
  • Winner of 2023 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal
  • Great bag appeal and overall visual appearance
  • Free Arccos Smart Sensors available


  • KBS Tour Lite (Steel)
  • UST Mamiya Recoil Dart 65 (Graphite)

4. Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Irons (Great for Mid Handicap That’s Getting Better)

  • Looks like a “players iron” while performing like a forgiving iron
  • Incredible bag appeal and overall appearance
  • Mizuno irons feel uniquely smooth and confidence-inspiring at impact
  • Fitting required to take advantage of shaft offerings

The Mizuno JPX 923 Forged irons are Mizunos newest generation of their most famous “JPX Forged” club line, and were created to look like a “player’s iron” while having the distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron. 

The 923 Forged iron heads get progressively longer and wider as the irons get longer, meaning you’ll feel equal levels of confidence regardless of which iron you’re swinging. 

Mizuno irons are well known for their forged feel, but the new JPX 923 Forges 4- through 7-iron now have a wider hollow area behind the club face for added ball speed and distance. Lastly, Mizuno offers the 923 Forged irons with a golfer’s choice of 30 premium shafts, making a fitting crucial.

Key Features: 

  • Designed to be “thin and sleek yet highly powerful.”
  • Hollow center for more ball speed and distance 
  • “V Chassis” Insert creates more forgiveness, a thinner overall look, and a better feel
  • Scoring irons are smaller and more compact while long irons are larger and more forgivingly shaped


  • Golfers’ choice of thirty (30!) premium shaft options in both Graphite and Steel

5. Takomo Golf 201 Irons (Affordable Custom Irons for Mid Handicap-Scratch Golfer)

  • Great set for a player to progress in skill with
  • Great introductory custom set for a golfer looking for custom fitted irons
  • High quality shaft options 
  • Unbelievable distance 
  • Only Steel shaft options

While Takomo isn’t the most well known golf club maker on our list, that doesn’t stop them from rivaling many of the best in forged golf club quality, appearance, and particularly price

The Takomo 201 irons have a slight cavity back and were designed for control, speed, and forgiveness. The small milled cavity adds significant ball speed and additional mass for more playability on poor shots. 

For roughly ⅓ of the price of premium competing brands, golfers will receive a top of the line forged iron that’ll add significant distance, feel, and control to their golf game.

To see the quality of these bad boys, we’ve covered one of its older brothers the Takomo Golf 101 iron review! Check it out!

Key Features:

  • Affordable due to Takomo’s “Direct to Consumer” business model
  • Forged iron look, feel, and performance at budget-friendly price
  • Takomo Golf sponsors many famous YouTube golfers (relatable to young people)


  • KBS Tour Lite R, S, XS (Steel)
  • KBS Tour R, S, XS (Steel)

6. PING i525 Irons (PING’s Game Improvement Compact Iron)

  • Sleek design with boosted perimeter weighting for forgiveness
  • “Players” Shape/Look
  • “Face Polymer” improves feel and sound while increasing ball speed
  • “New-Age” appearance might not appeal to traditionalist golfers

The new forged PING i525 irons are designed to look like a “Players iron” while performing with incredible distance and forgiveness-boosting qualities. 

For starters, the entire body and club face of the i525s is forged, but the inside has been hollowed out to increase face flexion for more speed, height, and distance on all shots. 

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“Extreme” Tungsten toe weights and shaft tips expand the already significant perimeter weighting for improved forgiveness, while the injected polymer behind the club face produces a clean sound and feel at impact. 

Lastly, we especially love the addition of the new “Hydro Pearl 2.0” finish that repels water for more consistency, and the 4 added grooves per club face for more spin and control on all shots. 

Key Features: 

  • “Extreme” Tungsten weights increase ball speed and reduce face-twist for improved accuracy
  • Forged club face feels great and launches shots high and fast
  • 4 extra grooves per face for more spin and consistency
  • Compact look with forgiving use


  • Project X IO (Steel)
  • PING Alta CB Slate (Graphite)

7. TaylorMade P7MC Irons (Great Set for Good Iron Players)

  • Aggressive groove design gives tighter/more consistent shot patterns
  • Forged feeling at impact is soft and provides tons of feedback
  • Slightly thicker topline to inspire confidence without “Game Improvement Iron” look
  • Unavailable for Left-Handed golfers

The TaylorMade P7MC irons are one of our top picks for mid handicap golfers that are confident in their iron striking ability.

While their appearance might be smaller than some on our list, the P7MCs have moderate perimeter weighting and added mass behind the hitting area for more forgiveness, distance, and natural height on all shots. 

TaylorMade’s “Compact Grain Forging” uses more than double the industry standard amount of pressure to forge the P7MCs, creating their unmistakable feel. If this weren’t enough, TaylorMade uses an “aggressive” groove style for more reliable shot shaping, ball flights, and spin. 

Key Features: 

  • Designed for golfers wanting control, accuracy, and moderate forgiveness
  • Sole prevents digging and reduces likelihood of chunked shots
  • One of the best looking irons on our list today


  • KBS Tour (Steel)

8. XXIO X Irons (Lightweight Irons for Fast-Swinging Mid Handicaps)

  • Weight positioned under the grip adds consistency to your grip, backswing, and downswing
  • Thinner club face produces faster ball speeds
  • High-density Tungsten-Nickel weight in the toe improves forgiveness and stability
  • V-Shaped Sole prevents digging and encourages smooth contact
  • Slower swing speeds may not benefit from design

XXIO isn’t yet a household club manufacturing name like “Titleist,” or “Callaway,” but that doesn’t stop them from crafting some of the best irons for fast swinging mid handicappers on the market. 

The new XXIO X irons feature a high-strength steel body and club face with a newly added “Rebound Frame” that amplifies ball speed to the fastest levels yet in an XXIO iron.

Variable face thickness and Tungsten-Nickel weight in the toe optimizes speed, stability, and a high launch with every club. Additional features like club specific grooves, a V-Shaped sole for added forgiveness, and the clubs overall lightweight design make them a top pick on our list. 

Key Features: 

  • Lightweight irons created for fast swing speeds
  • Ball speed boosting design
  • Long irons designed for more carry while short irons emphasize control


  • TORAYCA T1100G (Carbon Fiber)
  • N.S. Pro 950 GH Neo DST (Steel)

9. PXG 0311 Gen 6 Irons (Beautiful, Premium 15 Handicap Irons)

  • Head weights can be adjusted during fitting for ultimate performance 
  • Two color options of iron head (Steel/Black or Black/Black)
  • Medium-large head shape encourages confidence 
  • Distance boost and accuracy boost from previous PXG iron models
  • Ultra Premium Price Point

The PXG 0311 Gen6 irons are our final choice for 15 handicap golfers looking to upgrade their golf tools in 2023. 

PXG has always had the thinnest club faces since they came to the market, but the 0311 Gen6 irons have the thinnest faces by-far for ample distance with all shots. 

Sitting just behind the club face is a new “Power Channel” and “XCOR2” polymer core that combine for higher trajectory, launch angle, and ball speed. 

Lastly, we love the fact that golfers can have 0311 Gen6 head weights adjusted at a PXG fitting before purchase and have their choice of two iron finish colors for a personalized look and feel. 

Key Features: 

  • “Thinnest clubface in golf”
  • “XCOR2” polymer core dramatically increases forgiveness and ball speed
  • New “Power Channel” heightens trajectory, launch angle, and ball speed
  • 5 times forged clubs have incredible durability and feel at impact


  • True Temper Elevate MP (Steel)
  • Nippon NS Pro (Steel)
  • KBS Tour (Steel)
  • KBS Tour Lite (Steel)

Buying Guide for the Best Irons for 15 Handicap Golfers

Here are the features we feel 15 handicap golfers should pay the most critical attention to when considering a new set of irons. If you’re worried about making the right purchase, this section is for you!1.

1. Your Handicap and Strengths/Weaknesses

Obviously, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t around a 15 handicap, but what are your “natural strengths” in the game? 

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For example, if you’re naturally more confident with your “scoring clubs” (PW-8 or 7 iron) than your long irons, you may consider choosing a set like the Titleist 620 CBs, Mizuno JPX 923 Forged, or XXIO Xs that emphasize more height, distance, and forgiveness in the long irons while making the scoring clubs better for control. 

If you struggle with distance or forgiveness in general, consider one of the more forgiving sets like the Cobra AeroJets, Srixon ZX Mk IIs, or Takomo 201s, or check out our list of the best irons for higher handicaps.

2. Look and Feel

Whether you know it or not, how your clubs look, feel, and make you feel plays a massive part in how well you perform with them. 

Of course a fitting with a professional will be required to test multiple club heads and shafts against each other to determine what “feels” the best, but general club head looks are completely subjective and shouldn’t be overlooked!

“Forgiving Looking” Irons On Our List

  • Cobra AeroJet 
  • Takomo 201
  • PING i525
  • XXIO X

“Players Looking” Irons On Our List

  • Titleist 620 CB 
  • Srixon ZX4 Mk II
  • Mizuno JPX 923 Forged
  • PXG 0311 Gen6

3. Price

Unless money is no object for you, price will be a major factor when buying a new set of irons. 

Far and away, the most affordable set of irons on our list are the Takomo 201s. They’re about a third of the price of most competitors and their forged quality and custom buying options make their value unreal in the equipment world. 

The most premium-costing sets on our list are the PXG 0311 Gen6, but since they’re highly customizable upon purchase we feel their price is justified. 

4. Get a Custom Fitting or No

I’d argue the most important part of buying a new set of irons (regardless of your skill level or budget) is a professional club fitting with a knowledgeable expert that you trust. 

Even if you don’t purchase your set that day, booking a fitting appointment with an expert will immediately inform you of your swing speed, tendencies at impact, and at least an idea of which shafts and iron heads will give you the best performance. 

If you’ve never gotten a fitting before or you’re worried about the process, just come into your appointment with a list of 4-8 iron heads you like the look of and whittle down the results during your fitting to find what suits you the best!

Best Irons for 15 Handicap Golfers FAQ: 

What does it mean to have a 15 handicap in golf?

If you or someone you know calls themselves a “15 handicap,” that means on a “good day” they’ll shoot in the mid to high 80s (depending on the “Par” score of the course). 

Your golf “handicap” represents your expected score to par on a “good round” and is calculated by averaging your amount over-par for the 8 best scores of your most recent 20 rounds of golf.

That doesn’t mean they’ll shoot exactly 15 over every round (often much higher), but their potential is roughly 15 over par. 

What are the best irons for a low to mid handicap golfer?

If you consider yourself on the verge of breaking into a lower handicap category, you might consider some of the irons on our list that aren’t explicitly built for more forgiveness and distance. 

Irons like the Titleist 620 CBs, TaylorMade P7MCs, and the PXG 0311 Gen 6s are all built to provide enough forgiveness for mid handicappers, but the control and shot shaping/making capabilities that lower handicap golfers appreciate and use. 

You can also check out our list of the best irons for 10 handicaps if you think your skill level is there or will be there soon!

What is a mid-handicap golfer? 

Depending on your definition, some people call “mid handicap golfers” between the range of 10-18 handicaps, while others think it should be between 8-15 handicaps.

We define a mid handicap golfer as someone that consistently shoots in the 80s, occasionally in the 90s, and rarely, if ever, in the 70s. 

The Verdict: Best Irons for 15 Handicap Golfers

Hopefully we’ve shown you choosing your next set of irons as a 15 handicapper doesn’t have to be a complete hassle, and that there are plenty of quality iron options designed to help you get the most out of your game. 
While we believe the Cobra AeroJet set will benefit most 15 handicappers, every set on our list is designed with characteristics designed to make the game easier for golfers, and it’s your job to find which set benefits you the most!

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