Beginner’s Golf Guide

Message from Mark: To this day, I remember my first swing with a golf club. They were a set of 1997 Titleist DCI 962 with way past-expired grips that felt like grabbing a bar of wet soap. I refused to get a golf coach. And fast forward to today, I look back and would approach things so much differently to make my game starting off easier.

Beginners need all the guidance they can get to start off with golf the right way. I see too many beginners quit because they don’t know what to do. The goal is to get course-ready ASAP.

Here are all the golf tips and instructions I would focus on as a beginner if I could go back. May the course be with you ⛳ See ya!

Beginner Tips to Improve Your Game

Beginner Tips to Improve Your Game

Improve your golf game with some of the best in-depth beginner tips online to maximize your practices.
Golf Basics for Beginners

Golf Basics

This is your go-to golf wiki! We’re going to cover all the rules, concepts, and aspects of golf here! This is purely an ‘About Golf’ section and we welcome all golf nerds!
Different Golf Shots Techniques

Different Golf Shot Techniques

It’s time to go beyond your knowledge of a regular golf swing and understand every style of golf shot there is to play your perfect round of golf consistently.
Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

The best beginner’s resource to get the golf swing right. Use this along with your golf lessons to perfect every phase of your golf swing.
Beginner’s Golf Club Buying Guide

Beginner’s Golf Club Buying Guide

Buy the right golf clubs/ golf set ideal for beginners and high handicappers. Save more than $500 on a beginner golf set or customize your own beginner set!
mastering the golf grip

Mastering the Golf Grip – Fully Illustrated Guide

Getting the grip right is the first key element to a good golf swing. Start by checking your golf grip. Here we cover everything you need to know about the grip for every golf club.

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How to hit out of a Fairway Bunker

How to Hit Out of Fairway Bunkers (Step-By-Step Guide)

Fairway bunkers are common hazards on a golf course. So, learning how to hit out of fairway bunkers is essential and requires a different set of techniques.
The Bump and Run Golf Shot

The Bump and Run Golf Shot – A Short Game Cheat Code

Master the useful bump and run golf shot and take control around the green. Learn how to chip and run like a pro with our expert tips.
Chipping Vs Pitching in Golf

Difference Between Chipping vs Pitching in Golf: Short Game Guide

Confused about Chipping vs Pitching in Golf? Learn the Difference Between These Short Game Shots and How to Get Them Right.

5 Different Types of golf swings Used by the Pros

Our breakdown will discuss and explain five of the most common types of golf swings so you can learn what category your swing naturally falls under. As a bonus, we highlight the Pros and Cons of each type of swing and point our readers toward professional golfers with these swing types to emulate and watch for your own review. 
How Long My Golf Clubs Should Be Featured

How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be?

Learn What Length Your Golf Clubs Should Be Today! Have you decided it’s time to upgrade your equipment? Whether the reason be your skill level has evolved to exceed your clubs’ potential, or you’ve just grown in height or size, deciding how long your golf clubs should be isn’t as simply answered as looking at … Read more
Most Forgiving Irons Featured Image

7 Most Forgiving Irons: Know The Why Before You Buy

Irons can be the most frustrating clubs in your bag. Now that you need to put your next shot on the green, the last thing you want in your head is, “I wonder where this shot is going to end up.” or “I hate my irons.”
golf backswing featured image

How To Execute a Godly Golf Backswing 

Your golf backswing sets the stage. It allows you to stack energy for maximum clubhead speed at impact. Do you think about your golf backswing a lot? Could a lousy backswing be the cause of your missed greens and fairways? Smart golfers know a solid backswing is critical for hitting the ball far and straight. … Read more
How To Increase Club Head Speed Feature Image

How to Increase Club Head Speed [15 Tips For Immediate Results]

How to Increase Club Head Speed Take it From A Scratch Golfer. 1 )Tee the Ball Higher 2) Move the Ball Further Forward in Your Stance 3) Turning Your Toes Outward
strong vs weak golf grip featured

Comparing The Strong vs. The Weak Golf Grip [ULTIMATE Breakdown]

What’s the difference between a strong vs. a weak golf grip? Strong Grip = hands rotate clockwise from neutral, good way to fix a slice, for some it generates more power Weak Grip = hands rotate anti-clockwise from neutral, good way to fix a hook, great for straighter shots for those with slower hips.
How to Practice Golf At Home Featured

How To Practice Golf At Home [Ultimate Indoor Golfing Guide]

Stuck indoors and not sure how to practice golf at home? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you love to play golf, have limited time to practice, and are tired of embarrassing yourself. Can practicing golf at home really help? Absolutely. I did it, and I can show you how.