Beginner’s Golf Guide

Message from Mark: To this day, I remember my first swing with a golf club. They were a set of 1997 Titleist DCI 962 with way past-expired grips that felt like grabbing a bar of wet soap. I refused to get a golf coach. And fast forward to today, I look back and would approach things so much differently to make my game starting off easier.

Beginners need all the guidance they can get to start off with golf the right way. I see too many beginners quit because they don’t know what to do. The goal is to get course-ready ASAP.

Here are all the golf tips and instructions I would focus on as a beginner if I could go back. May the course be with you ⛳ See ya!

the golf setup

The Golf Setup: A Detailed & Visual Guide

Developing a proper, structured golf setup and stance will help you achieve your lowest scores to date.  How could we know that? By specifically focusing on building our setup in the most repeatable way possible I’ve lowered my handicap significantly, seen more stable and predictable scoring results, and feel exponentially less stress on the course, … Read more
Beginner Tips to Improve Your Game

Beginner Tips to Improve Your Game

Improve your golf game with some of the best in-depth beginner tips online to maximize your practices.
Golf Basics for Beginners

Golf Basics

This is your go-to golf wiki! We’re going to cover all the rules, concepts, and aspects of golf here! This is purely an ‘About Golf’ section and we welcome all golf nerds!
Beginner’s Golf Club Buying Guide

Beginner’s Golf Club Buying Guide

Buy the right golf clubs/ golf set ideal for beginners and high handicappers. Save more than $500 on a beginner golf set or customize your own beginner set!
Different Golf Shots Techniques

Different Golf Shot Techniques

It’s time to go beyond your knowledge of a regular golf swing and understand every style of golf shot there is to play your perfect round of golf consistently.
mastering the golf grip

Mastering the Golf Grip – How To Grip a Golf Club

Getting the grip right is the first key element to a good golf swing. Start by checking your golf grip. Here we cover everything you need to know about the grip for every golf club.

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The Thai Spinner Golf Shot

The Famous Thai Spinner Golf Shot Made Simple

The Thai Spinner golf shot was made famous in Thailand where it became the perfect chipping technique for grainier grass. It’s a low but high spin shot that makes chipping on grainy conditions easy.
Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

Weight Transfer in the Golf Swing

Learning how to shift your weight properly during the golf swing will improve the power, consistency, and mobility of swing. It starts with a balanced golf setup all the way to 100% of your weight at your front foot at your finish!
How to Grip The Golf Club With the Right Hand

How to Grip the Golf Club With the Right Hand

Gripping the golf club with the right hand affects the more than the accuracy and power of your golf swing, but it’s what delivers feel to your shots.

How to Apply The Correct Golf Grip Pressure

How tightly you hold the golf club will dictate the quality of your golf swing. Hence, where to apply the proper amount of grip pressure in golf is a must.
How to Grip a Golf Driver

How to Grip a Golf Driver Correctly

How to grip the golf driver correctly starts with a strong interlocking grip. From there, you must apply the right amount of grip pressure to make it work.
overlapping vs interlocking grip

Interlocking vs Overlapping Golf Grip – Which is Better?

The interlocking vs. overlapping grip is the most popular grip amongst golfers, with more golfers playing with the interlocking grip. We’ll teach you their differences here.
all finger grip vs palm finger grip

Difference Between the All-Finger vs Palm-Finger Golf Grip

The all-finger grip is ideal for golfers with a long left thumb while the palm-finger grip is best suited for golfers with a shorter left thumb placement.
How to Grip The Golf Club With the Left Hand

How to Grip the Golf Club With the Left Hand Correctly

Gripping the golf club with the left hand will make our golf swing more smooth and consistent. An improper left hand grip will lead to an over dominant right hand in the golf swing.
golf grip size

Golf Grip Size Guide With Size Chart Guide

With such variations in golf grip size, it is important you pick the right grip size for your hands to prevent injuries and optimize your golf swing control and power.
Why am i hooking my irons

Why Am I Hooking My Irons? (4 Answers and 4 Permanent Fixes)

Slicers have all the resources in the world, but what about the hooks? Why are you hooking your irons? The issue might be invisible!