How To Putt Like A Pro [Expert’s Advice]

how to putt like a pro

Learn how to putt like a Pro today! Get your stroke, posture, stance, ball positioning, and routine in check. Pick up drills from Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc.

7 Best Office Putting Sets [Say Goodbye To 3-Putts]

best office puitting sets

This is Golf Leap’s Top 7 Picks for the Best Office Putting Sets right now! Why not putt while working?

How To Grip A Putter – 7 Most Popular Putting Styles

How to grip a putter

It’s undoubtedly that putting is the most important element when it comes to lowering your golf score. As golfers, we know how pointless it is to be amazing with your driver and irons just to struggle with one putting a 5-footer. By then, your chances of reaching a mid-handicap or even scoring close to a … Read more